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July 20, 2021

Confused on where to start finding possible homebuyers? Use Real Estate Media

Real Estate Media

Real estate media has a vast use in both marketing strategies and day to day functions of the real estate market. The term media refers to anything that appeals to a system of mass communication; this can be anything from a video on a facebook group to a website appealing to a wide customer base.

It is important to use media in real estate because much of property buying today comes from online real estate shopping. Buyers and sellers have transferred the practice of buying and selling a home from an in-person process to a process rooted in online practices. Platforms like Zillow and Homesnap have transformed from dominant platforms to an industry standard. If 51% of people use the internet to purchase a home, it is only reasonable for a company to extend their reach through various forms of communication.

The real estate industry, like most industries, has had to maintain high levels of communication with the rise of the internet and various platforms. Some of the most predominant ways of media real estate are social media, video, photo and website design. These aspects give real estate companies around the clock access to their consumer-base. Real estate media has become essential to the communicative efforts of the seller, buyer and everyone in between.

Social Media:

Social media for real estate has become something with a large impact. The general idea for any social media platform in real estate is to post frequently and engage with the client-base in a positive way.


Facebook allows for communication to be immersed directly within a community. The use of geolocation, Facebook groups and Facebook marketplace provide a unique opportunity for clients to show themselves in a community. The Facebook algorithm favors posts that use photos and videos; this provides a great opportunity to utilize marketing strategies with real estate photography and real estate video.

The biggest part in posting on Facebook, and on any social media platform is to create content that directly impacts and engages with the intended audience of the real estate. The media created on Facebook should enhance the customers experience by providing direct insight into a property.


Instagram is a social media platform that relies heavily on aesthetic images. High-quality real estate photography should be used frequently on Instagram to draw in clients. This platform gives the freedom to be creative with what they post: photos like lifestyle images and detail shots can be used to captivate a greater audience.

Media real estate rentals and media real estate for sale can be easily advertised through beautiful imagery on Instagram. Not only can it be used for homes but, a quality Instagram page can do anything from highlight the interests of commercial spaces to intrigue new renters toward apartment complexes. The biggest focus when using real estate media on Instagram is the importance of visual appeal and captivating storytelling.


Though LinkedIn is referred to as a professional site, it is still a place built on the founding principles of social media. LinkedIn provides a space in which the client, agent and company can promote themselves all the while connecting with one another. An individual should maintain a personal and business account in order to properly update those who follow them. These updates should offer updates on homes and progress the agent and the company have made.

Media Real Estate General Social Media Tips:

Posting entertaining visual content paired with intriguing text helps appeal to any audience on social media. The biggest determinant in what platform should be used is the audience base you are appealing to. If appealing to commercial real estate Media PA, in Pennsylvania, it would be best to create a LinkedIn campaign versus an instagram campaign. Differentiating between the types of buyers and sellers helps to maintain communication in an easier way.

Media real estate on social media platforms relies on the consistency of posting, the entertainment within posts, and the audience that is drawn to the posts. By keeping all of these in mind, a successful approach to social media can be made.

Video and Photo as Real Estate Media:

The intention of video and photo in real estate media is to show a space in the best way possible to the most amount of people possible. Photo and video are easily translated across several media spheres and they can be used for a variety of marketing purposes. Photo and video is beneficial to the marketing of a space as a whole.

These images and videos can be put on social media accounts and websites. They can also be used to simply show a space to a client. This gives access to spaces for future buyers, clients and real estate agents. The options to market and display a property become limitless with the introduction of photo and video.

Website Design in Media Real Estate:

A website for any type of real estate company becomes a center for sales and a portfolio. Regardless of whether the website is geared towards a real estate agency, a real estate photography business or even a real estate marketing product store, the website is an essential point of activity. Regardless of the intention of a website, all designs of a webpage should aim to answer the question of:

How is my product different from my competitions?

Theme and Design

Website design is a form of real estate media that is often overlooked. The communication a theme states to a customer is the first impression they will have of the business or product. This design creates a way to showcase the company’s appeal and product.

Quality images that fit the theme are ESSENTIAL to a professional website. These images should be seamlessly matching in color, and they should create a level of transition throughout the website.

The design of the website should have some sort of relevancy and ease to those on the website. A real estate agent should showcase featured listings whereas a real estate photography company should feature the types of packages they offer. The more relevant and easily navigable, the more appeal a website will have.

Utilize Keywords

At the foundation of every website is the need to navigate SEO, search engine optimization. SEO creates quantifiable website traffic with quality clients. SEO is a useful tool in the marketing scheme so it is necessary to play to the communicative side of it.

Make the Client Comfortable

Search Bars and client testimonials are a great way to introduce a client to the idea that they are heard in both their wants and their concerns. The client, upon entering a webpage, should feel comfortable and at ease with their navigation on the website.

By providing client testimonials and easily searched options, it gives a space for the consumer to feel as if they are accessing reliable sources of information. This encourages a connection with the customer and it provides points of contact throughout the entire website.