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Photography is the most important marketing tool you have. DD-reps photographers specialize in capturing environments of all kind:

- residential and commercial interiors
- architectural exteriors
- cityscapes and landscapes
- lifestyle and environmental portraits

Meet Our Photographers


With a combination of wide looks and editorial vignettes to capture the intimate moments and architectural details, our photographers are trained to create a complete visual story of your listing.

Virtual Staging

With DD-reps you will work directly with our interior designer to plan out the look and feel of the space you are marketing. Virtual Staging is a great way to show how a vacant space can look when furnished. Our rendering team can also change existing furniture, add accent walls or change wall colors, and give your clients an experience that they might not have been able to imagine.

Floor Plans

Our professionals are trained in surveying and CAD (computer-aided design) to create beautiful and precise floor plans.


At DDreps we like to say that a beautiful photo is 50% photography and 50% retouching. This job is handled by our specially trained retouching team. They composite every image by hand creating a realistic and true to color image. They can remove objects, change wall colors, replace views when the windows are dirty, and much more.