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What is DD Reps?

DDreps is a creative agency that focuses on marketing spaces. We work in real estate, architecture, design and hospitality.

What services does DDreps provide?

Our services are currently offering photography, video, floor plans, virtual staging, 3D tours, brochures and retouching.

How do you pronounce DDreps?

The company name is pronounced “Dee-Dee-Reps”.

What areas do you service?

We primarily service the NYC (and outer boroughs) area, but we will absolutely travel the tri-state area and beyond depending on the project.

What is the fastest way to book a service?

You can either call our office, email us at or ask about our proprietary client booking system.

How do I become a DDreps photographer?

We’re always looking for new talent! Email your portfolio and a quick bio to and we’ll check your stuff out!

What is your photography process?

Our photography team shoots in the same style and with the same equipment. All of the photo editing is done by our amazing in-house editors. Our photographic style is very editorial and natural. The lights are kept turned off throughout the home, and we don't add any additional lighting. In addition to the wider real estate shots, we also capture editorial-style vignettes, moments and details throughout the home. While on-site, our photographer shoots every angle they feel is relevant. After the shoot, they will process all of the raw previews and send them to the client in a gallery. From there, the client will make their selections and share them with our retouching team, who takes over and puts each image through our specialized post production process. After this is completed, the retoucher will deliver the final images via email.

What is the difference between senior and associate level photographers?

The difference between senior and associate photographers is seniority within our company. It is not necessarily reflective of their overall experience as a photographer. Senior photographers have been working with us for longer than two years, while associates have been with us less than two years. All of our photographers work with the same equipment, receive the same training, and shoot in the same style regardless of senior/associate distinction.

Can I request a specific photographer?

Of course!

How much notice do I need to book an appointment?

The best amount of time is around 3-5 business days, but if you need something sooner we can usually find a photographer to pair with you.

What is the best way to prepare an apartment for a shoot?

The best way to prepare for a shoot is to have everything in the space set up the way you'd like it to look in photographs (and for showings!). We recommend cleaning and decluttering the space prior to the shoot to make everything go as smoothly as possible. Dirty windows and floors are difficult, and sometimes impossible, to clean in photoshop so please make sure those are also cleaned prior to the shoot.

What type of flowers do you recommend for photo shoots?

We recommend bringing at least 3 different types of flowers. Each arrangement should consist of a singular type of floral, not a mixed variety. We recommend taller arrangements or branches for rooms with high ceilings, low arrangements for rooms where the view is important (so we don’t block the view), and small arrangements for bedside tables and bathrooms.

Will the photographer help style and arrange the apartment for the photos?

Our team is trained to create incredible storytelling compositions, and part of that knowledge base is styling and arranging for the photo. We are excellent at ‘making the shot’.

Which image file types should I use for my listing?

When we deliver retouched images, we send two different versions of each image. One is a high-resolution jpeg file, the other is a smaller jpeg file with a "-web" on the end of the name. The high-resolution files are meant for print applications (brochures, show sheets, etc.) and the web-sized files are meant for uploading to websites, dropping into email newsletters, and using on social media. You can use the higher resolution files on websites, but the page may load slower if you do.

What can be removed or fixed in photoshop?

Small items wall hooks, some wires can typically be removed fairly easily in retouching! The larger the item, the trickier the edit tends to be. If an edit is very complex and/or time-consuming for our retouching team it could incur an additional fee. We would always make you aware of additional charges before proceeding with an edit.

Will I be able to see the window views after the images have been retouched?

Yes. We blend the images in post to make the views look the way you see them in real life.

Why do you shoot with the lights off?

Natural light photography is the best way to portray the actual colors of the space.

What if I want the interior photos shot during the day and the exterior photos at sunset?

Depending on the time of year, It’s possible to get both types of shots during one later afternoon shoot. It is also possible to break up the shoot into two parts. Our operations team should have some insight on what would work best in a given situation.

Is retouching included in the fee?

Each image we take that you end up selecting goes through an extensive retouching process. Everything is done by hand by our amazing retouching team. This retouching is included in the shoot package you select.

Can we still get good shots in bad weather?

The short answer is yes! It always depends on the apartment. When the view is clear with overcast skies we can often drop in a blue sky in photoshop and make it appear as if it was sunny that day. Rain, mist and fog can often obscure skyline views, so if the views are important to an apartment we typically recommend aiming for a clear day.

Is it my responsibility to cancel a shoot due to inclement weather?

Yes. While we can make recommendations based on weather, we can’t be the ones to cancel a project due to weather. If you need to reschedule a shoot due to weather it is required to let us know in advance.

How do I make selections?

For a reference on how to make selections with our client portal, please click this link

What is the turnaround time for photos?

Typically 2 business days from when you input your selections. Please note that this may change due to workload and capacity. We will always inform the client if this timeline needs to change.

Can I expedite turnaround?

We do have rush options depending on the availability of our retouchers. Be aware there is a rush fee associated with these options. Always feel free to ask!

What is the cancellation policy for photography?

As long as you cancel your shoot before 8:00pm the night before the shoot you wouldn’t incur any late cancellation fee. Shoots that are cancelled the day of would incur a cancellation fee that would be equal to half of the photographer’s base rate. If the shoot is cancelled while the photographer is on the way or on-site, the fee would be equal to the photographer’s full base rate.

Can I purchase additional photos at a later time?

Yes! We do keep the raw images on file if you decide to select more photos at a later date.

What kind of equipment do your photographers use?

We all shoot with Canon TSE lenses (tilt and shift) which are designed specifically for architectural photography. These allow us to stitch larger scale photos and capture spatial dimensions the way they truly are, which is especially helpful for tall ceilings.

What are lifestyle photos?

Lifestyle photos are photos that are taken with a model (you!) in them. They are great for helping market both the property and yourself. Lifestyle shots are excellent brand building tools that you can use for your entire career.

How should I prepare for a lifestyle shoot?

Come hair and make-up ready, and dressed to impress! Feel free to bring props such as flowers, laptop or anything else that might help us showcase you in action.

Do you do lifestyle photos during listing shoots?

Yes! We are always looking for ways to include the client in the shoot. They are excellent for marketing, and also fun!

What should I be doing during my lifestyle shoot?

It depends on how you can see yourself using the shots. Are these environmental portraits? Are they more ‘scene’ oriented to showcase how a person can use the space? There are tons of ways to figure out a composition, and that’s the fun of it.

Do you charge differently for lifestyle photos?

We have a small additional per image fee for lifestyle shots, to cover the creative cost of the photographer as well as the additional retouching that goes into the work.

What are lifestyle photos used for?

They can be used for any marketing materials, social media, campaigns or any other creative way you can think of.

What makes your retouching different?

Our amazing and talented team retouches each image by hand (we never use HDR). This allows us to bring out the best in each unique image. Our team is highly qualified and have been retouching interiors for years. Their sensitivities for color accuracy, perspective and how to bring out the best in every image is second to none.

What does it cost to add things like trees, plants, and fire?

When adding items (plants, art, fire, etc.) we need to license stock imagery. That license combined with the extra time it takes our team to insert the item is why the fee would be around $60 per addition

How many rounds of revisions can I make after the images are delivered? Are there costs associated with revision rounds?

You are allowed two rounds of revisions after the images are delivered. After the second round of revisions, there would be a $60 cost per additional round of revisions.

What qualifies as a ‘round’ of revisions?

Revision notes should be consolidated into one email. If an email comes in with a set of notes, and the assigned retoucher completes that set of notes, and then another separate set of notes comes in, that would qualify as a second round of notes. All notes should be listed in one email.

What kind of retouching is part of the standard process?

Wire cleanup*, adding in views, color correction, perspective correction, exposure blending and glare reduction. *please note that extensive wire cleanup might incur a fee.

Can you remove objects in Photoshop?

Generally yes, but it’s important to think about what that object is being replaced with. If it is easier to remove in real life, the suggestion is to do it while on-site. Otherwise, we can generally remove items with retouching or have the object rendered out in virtual staging.

Do you use HDR software to blend exposures?

Absolutely not. All of our retouching is done by hand in photoshop, allowing our team to manually bring out the best of every photo. Every image has a human touch.

What types of floor plans do you offer?

We offer full service floor plans which include an on-site survey from our floor plan technicians. We also offer floor plan redraws for clients who already have an existing floor plan that needs to be recreated and rebranded. We are able to produce alternate layout floor plans and furniture layout plans.

What kind of add-ons do you offer?

We offer furniture add-ons, full color add-ons, and alternate floor plans.

How long does a site survey usually take?

The average floor plan survey takes between 30 and 45 minutes. Our floorplanners are able to work alongside the photographers simultaneously.

What is the turnaround time for floor plans?

Generally speaking, our floor plan technicians will return your completed floor plan within 24 to 48 hours of the initial site visit. If you are on time constraints, please let our team know and we will work to expedite the floor plan.

What is the cancellation policy for floor plans?

Any cancellations must be made by 8PM the evening before a floor plan project to avoid a cancellation fee.

What is virtual staging?

Virtual staging is the art of placing virtual furniture in an image of a room that is empty. It’s an amazing way to help clients visualize what a space COULD look like, versus what it currently looks like. DD reps provides a hyper realistic rendering that envisions the best aspects of how a space could be interior designed.

How is virtually staging through DDreps different from other companies?

Our rendering software is the best in the market which helps create incredibly sophisticated and detailed representations of virtually designed spaces. But besides that, our secret weapon is our in-house stylist that customizes every space to the clients’ needs. We do not offer what’s in the ‘virtual warehouse’, rather we make sure each space is specific to its unique design.

What do I need in order to get started on virtual staging?

We need the high resolution photos, a floor plan of the space, ceiling heights and any inspiration images you’d like to share. After that, our in-house stylist will schedule a phone call to discuss style and direction. From there we take it to draft renders!

How long does the process take to get my virtually staged photos back?

It depends on the number of photos we are virtually staging, but it usually takes between 3-5 business days for first drafts, and then an additional 1-2 business days once the drafts have been approved for final rendering.

What if the photos I provide have furnishings in them already?

We do have the ability to render furniture over existing furnishings. This is generally a more complicated process, but there is always a way, whether it’s with virtual staging or with a render from scratch.

What does it mean when an image is 'finalized'?

When we are presenting drafts, the client is usually seeing an image that has been ‘fast rendered’ in order to expedite the process. When that image is finalized, it goes through a lengthy rendering that outputs a highly detailed final image.

How many revisions do I get? / Are there any costs associated with revisions?

There are two rounds of revisions allowed with drafts, with each additional round per image being a fee of $60 per image per round. If an image that has been finalized requires a revision, the fee is $85 per image per round.

What types of property videos do you offer?

We offer a few different types of video options. We can do a standard tour to show the space set to background music and graphic call-outs. We can also create an agent walkthrough experience. In addition to the walkthrough, we do agent brand videos to help an agent let their audience know what their mission statement is. We do company profile videos, which can be brand oriented campaigns. Finally, we can do high concept storytelling that requires a bigger production team and process.

How should I best prepare for a video shoot?

Having a space cleaned before a video shoot and ‘video ready’ is the best way to make sure a shoot runs smoothly. The less our team has to do on-site, the more they can create the best scenes to video. Also remember to give us plenty of information about when the best light is, or any other relevant information we should know.

What does the video shoot come with?

A video typically comes with a 1-2 minute final cut. If you require something extra, please don’t hesitate to ask.

What format is a video delivered in?

We will generally upload the video to our vimeo page, with the ability for you to download the video directly. You can use the vimeo link we upload, or you can download the video itself and upload where you need to.

How many revisions do I get for videos?

2 rounds of revisions are included with video. Additional rounds are $200 per revision round.

What is the turnaround time for videos?

3-5 business days is a typical turn-around for a first draft.

What is the cancellation policy for videos?

Due to the nature of video production, we require a 48 hour cancellation notice to avoid any cancellation fees.

What equipment do you use for 3D tours?

We use the Matterport system, and use Matterport Pro 3D cameras. We also use a Ricoh Theta Z1 system through the Matterport software.

How is a 3D tour different from a video tour?

3D tours allow you to actually move through the space in the browser at your leisure, where a video tour is a cinematic viewing.

Do I need a subscription or do you host the 3D scan?

You will need your own Matterport subscription. DD reps does not host Matterport scans. We find this is the best solution for the end consumer, as it offers them the most control over their 3D tours. You can sign up for a matterport subscription here: Please make sure you are selecting at a minimum the starter plan. You cannot host a scan on the free plan.

What is the turnaround time for 3D Tours?

24-48 hours.

What is the cancellation policy for 3D tours?

Any cancellations must be made by 8PM the evening before a floor plan project to avoid a cancellation fee.

What types of brochures do you offer?

Our brochures are special because we use the best cardstock and the highest level of color detail. Our most popular offering is a tri-fold brochure with soft-touch laminate, which is the size of the typical brochure you might find at a newsstand (14.5” x 8.5” lay flat). We also offer single-page showsheets, bifolds, and foiled gate folds. If you need something printed in a custom size, or another format, we can likely make that happen for you. Just let us know!

What is the process for ordering brochures?

The first step is designing the brochure. We’ll need the high resolution files, and any other graphic files you’d like us to include. Our in-house team will lay out the design, and once you approve it will head to printing! Printing takes approximately 4-5 business days, and then the materials will be delivered directly to your office or place of residence.

What type of paper do you use for printing?

We like to use a soft-touch laminate on a card-stock type of paper. This gives a substantial and luxurious feel to the printed materials that is very unique.

What is the turnaround time for brochures?

The entire process from start to finish usually takes around 7 business days.

Who owns the copyright to the photos?

The photographer retains control of the copyright.

How am I permitted to use the photos?

Usage is a case by case basis, if you have questions, please reach out to

What if another party, such as the stager or designer, requests usage of the photos?

Please feel free to connect anyone who might want to use the photos to us by emailing