interior design photography
July 11, 2022

Why is being an interior design photographer in NYC so competitive? How is it different?

Around 8 million people live across the various neighborhoods and boroughs of New York City. With such a high population of people, it is understandable why the competition within the real estate market and interior design is held to such a high degree. Interior design photography tips, real estate photography tips, and everything in between…

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Interior Architecture Photography Tips and Tricks
July 6, 2022

Shooting Interior Architecture Photography Without Feeling Like an Amateur

What is interior architecture photography? Interior Architecture Photography aims to take images of real estate that emphasize the interior structure and design of a building. While residential and commercial interior photography emphasize the features that compose a home, architectural photography focuses on the structure and design of buildings of the home. Interior architectural photography combines…

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hotel photography
June 22, 2022

Top 10 Ways to Improve and Create Unique Hotel Photography

What is hotel photography? Hotel photography is an enticing side of real estate photography capable of creating images of glamour and grandeur. Hotel photography combines the appeal of real estate photography and the creativity of interior design photography to create a strategy of visual marketing that entices a variety of clients. Hotel photography is not…

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The Necessity of Construction Digital Marketing
June 10, 2022

Construction Digital Marketing: The Gateway to Unlocking New Clients and Expanding Business

Construction digital marketing and general digital marketing are strategies for businesses that ensure companies will maintain relevance. Tools like digital marketing allow companies to maintain and grow their clients, especially in industries like construction. In large cities like NYC, construction companies are numerous, and finding the company that best serves the needs of a client…

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photo of room with virtual interior design services
May 11, 2022

How to Construct a High-Quality Website for Virtual Interior Design Services

The window to a brick-and-mortar store with clean and simple designs that showcases a store’s personality will pull people into the store much quicker than a dull storefront. Why are websites for virtual interior design services so important? Just as the first step into the threshold of a new business or home leaves a lasting…

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commercial real estate photography
April 27, 2022

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Commercial Real Estate Photography

Is real estate photography commercial photography? Real estate photography has many subcategories, one of them being commercial real estate photography. Commercial real estate photography is another form of real estate photography in the same way architectural and interior design photography are also real estate photography. Real estate photography is images curated by a photographer and…

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3d real estate photography
April 13, 2022

360 View of 3D Real Estate Photography: The Virtual World of Real Estate

What is 3d Real Estate Photography? 3D Real Estate Photography is one process that photographers can utilize to create a virtual world of commercial and residential spaces that appeals to a broader amount of clients. This format of media is a way to provide accessible home tours while encapsulating real estate photography and virtual tours…

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Real Estate Photography Tips for Better Shoots
March 30, 2022

Real Estate Photography Tips: Kickstart Amazing Shoots and Produce Unique Content

How to Shoot Real Estate Photography Every photographer, blog, or company will have real estate photography tips on the best way to shoot real estate photography, so how do you know which tips are effective? Sifting through various tips and ideas is a wonderful practice but, a good real estate photographer will understand how to…

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Why Real Estate and Interior Design are the Best Collaborative Force
March 16, 2022

Why Real Estate and Interior Design are the Best Collaborative Force

The collaboration of real estate and interior design is the best opportunity to create the perfect home. Interior design and real estate services require long processes of certification and developing a good reputation but, the rewards become limitless once an agent or designer has established themself within the industry. The process of finding a home…

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March 3, 2022

Take Your Design Virtual: How Online Interior Design Services are Taking Over

What are interior design services? Interior design services and online interior design services take on the process of designing, renovating, etc.These services provide a means to create a look for a client based on their budget and design needs. The role of the interior designer goes beyond picking out furniture or artwork for a home;…

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interior design services
January 25, 2022

The Big and the Little in Interior Design Services and the Interior Designer

What is interior designing? The process of interior design services or interior designing goes beyond the initial thought of adding simple artistic flourishes to a home. Interior design services can involve anything from new construction remodeling, renovation, or even a simple artistic consultation. Interior design services begin with an initial consultation to create an idea…

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Home photography
January 12, 2022

Creating Energetic Home Photography with Creativity, Style, and Flair

What is home photography? Home photography is a subset of real estate photography that focuses on the residential photography aspects of real estate. Home photography can be used for a variety of purposes such as selling properties, showcasing interior design, creating home design advertisements, etc.  Every home has a different personality. It is the task…

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Open homes photography
December 28, 2021

7 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Open Homes Photography

Preparing a home, apartment, or listing for open homes photography, real estate photography or even an open house can be stressful and overwhelming. Allowing an artist to come into your space and take images of your home that you have cherished is a difficult task emotionally but, it also can be difficult in the process…

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professional real estate photography
December 15, 2021

Professional Real Estate Photography: Property’s Curbside Appeal Moves Towards Online Presence

  Professional real estate photography focuses on taking the highest quality images possible of buildings, architecture, interior design, commercial spaces, and many more types of properties. Professional photography is the most important tool at any person’s disposal to not only market a property but to sell a home. Real estate photography can be as simple…

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Real estate photography pricing
December 1, 2021

Real Estate Photography Pricing Made Simple: Finding the Right Photo for Your Budget

Why pay for real estate photography? Real estate photography is a helpful addition to any realtor, client, buyer, and seller. Real estate photography can help to sell a property quicker and at a higher price. Like any good, real estate photography pricing is critical. This price is standardized based on a variety of circumstances. Real…

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Real Estate Photographers
November 10, 2021

The Key Features to Look for in a Real Estate Photographers Portfolio

Real estate photographers are the people behind the lens who help showcase incredible properties. The magnetizing images displayed on the cover of home magazines or even towering buildings on the main page of a prominent website, all are rooted in the works of real estate photographers. These professional real estate photographers are the people who…

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Real estate photography retouching
October 12, 2021

How Real Estate Photography Retouching Elevates an Image from Average to Amazing

What are real estate photography retouching services? The editing of real estate images or real estate photography retouching is the process of enhancing a property image through photo editing. Every image needs a bit of editing after it is taken. Even with the best photographer, equipment, or location, an image is not perfect the moment…

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3d virtual tours
September 28, 2021

Seeing in 3D: 3D Virtual Tours Impact on Real Estate Professionals

What are 3D virtual tours? Like most everything in the 21st century, showing homes in real estate has transitioned online with 3D virtual tours. These tours are an immersive experience that allows buyers to see a home without the nuisance of going to a space in person. The benefits of 3D virtual tours for real…

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construction documentation photography
September 7, 2021

A Brief Introduction Into the Details of Construction Documentation Photography

What is Construction Photography? Construction documentation photography is the process of taking progress images of a building being built from start to finish. This ground to full development progression can be documented in various ways but, all are used to communicate advancement in construction projects.    Construction is a transformative process that shows the progression…

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building photography
August 31, 2021

The Evolution of Building Photography as a Catalyst for Modern Architecture

What is building photography? A practice of photography that captures both the artistic and functional aspects of a building is building photography. Building photography creates an opportunity for the architecture to have a permanent story. This story is captured in an image, which then creates permanence and a marketable image. Architectural photography and building photography…

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interior design photography
August 20, 2021

Impress Your Clients With These Interior Design Photography Tips

Interior design photography is a large market that is distinctly different from aspects of interior photography. Interior photography is simply showing an image of an interior whereas interior design photography shows the artistic intention of a space.    Popular home magazines, television networks, and social media have popularized intricately beautiful interior design photography that is…

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Women reading Real Estate Marketing Products
August 3, 2021

5 Exciting Tips for Real Estate Marketing Products of a Successful Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents can provide a personal touch with the use of real estate marketing products. Marketing gives a chance for individuals and businesses to promote a crafted advertisement to a client base. Real estate marketing offers potential clients a glimpse into who a real estate agent or company is and what they do. Utilizing…

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Building for sale with Real Estate Media
July 20, 2021

Confused on where to start finding possible homebuyers? Use Real Estate Media

Real estate media has a vast use in both marketing strategies and day to day functions of the real estate market. The term media refers to anything that appeals to a system of mass communication; this can be anything from a video on a facebook group to a website appealing to a wide customer base.…

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building photography
July 6, 2021

Understanding New Development Photography and it’s Different Approaches

New development photography creates an opportunity to combine creative aspects within architectural photography and real estate photography. A client who hires a photographer for their new development will require and expect a high-level of imagery that portrays a new building in exceptional ways. A new development photographer has the task of taking images of new…

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lifestyle video
June 15, 2021

How Lifestyle Videos are an Asset to Targeting the Right Buyer

What does a lifestyle describe in real estate? Promoting a certain lifestyle is a way to market a house in order to give an appeal of a home’s culture to potential buyers. A lifestyle video is a way to help immerse the buyer in this lifestyle prior to entering the home. These videos aren’t limited…

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Interior Photography
June 8, 2021

Want to Explore Interior Photography? Here’s What You Need to Know

What is interior photography? Interior photography is a type of photography that focuses on the design and structure inside of a home. This style of photography can focus on taking images of anything from a complimentary side-table to the architectural structure of wooden beams that lie on the ceiling. Successful interior photographers need a high…

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apartment video
May 25, 2021

The Secrets of a Successful and Professional Apartment Video

What are Apartment Video Tours? An apartment video falls under the many categories of real estate video. These videos explore smaller spaces of a larger property in order to sell multiple spaces. Apartment video tours are an immersive video experience that portrays an apartment in a cinematic manner. Realtors that showcase properties with video receive…

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photo of architectural photography
May 11, 2021

6 Common Errors in Architectural Photography

Though real estate photography and architectural photography seem similar, the differences between the two are rather significant. Architectural photography focuses on the integral beautification in displaying the structures of a space whereas real estate photography typically focuses on displaying a space so that the property can be sold. Building photography is an exceptional tool to…

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Matterport 3D movie
April 27, 2021

How to Captivate New Clients with Matterport

Matterport is a 3D camera and programming system that creates a digital space or “digital twin” of any property. Matterport is unique in that it is not limited to only looking at a virtual image of a space but, the technology allows for you to build, design, and manipulate the online world that has been…

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real estate virtual tours example
April 13, 2021

Want a Quicker Way to Sell a Home? Real Estate Virtual Tours

What Are Virtual Home Tours? Real estate virtual tours are a digital experience that allows buyers to explore a home in a 3D perspective without entering the house. These 3D virtual tours for real estate are typically interactive in which the customer can navigate the home to enter separate rooms. The technology allows the consumer…

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real estate floor plans
March 30, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Floor Plans

Real estate floor plans allow for a consumer to visualize a space as their own versus an area that has merely been styled or designed for them. Floor plans can show something as large as an entire building’s layout from floor to floor or offer something as small as a room in an apartment. Floor…

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real estate photo editing
March 23, 2021

Top 10 Tips to Real Estate Photo Editing

Real estate photo editing is almost as important as taking the photos themselves. The transformation of the raw images into photos that display a home’s perfections is a simple process with small changes to enhance a photo. These little touch-ups help to demonstrate the quality of a home and the quality of a picture. Here…

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real estate videos
March 16, 2021

Why Your Real Estate Videos Are Not Succeeding

When real estate videos are crafted properly, they are a tool that can help sell a property and boost leads within a company. When an agent or company uses video real estate, it allows for a client to be immersed in a home from anywhere. Real estate videos can showcase a property in a more…

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real estate photography
March 9, 2021

How Real Estate Photography Increases Your Homes Value

Why You Should Utilize Real Estate Photography: Homeowners, when putting their homes on the market, want to sell their homes quickly, efficiently and to the right people. Using home photography and real estate photography can help accelerate and improve this process. The place in which you lived or you are selling, should appeal to a…

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real estate marketing services
February 25, 2021

5 Ways to Best Use Real Estate Marketing Services

The consumer and business relationship is dependent on a product that is able to sell. The content and marketing strategies used to sell the product may be just as important. Real estate marketing services has increased in its online presence over the last decade but a big part of it is still the recommendations of…

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virtual staging real estate photo
February 24, 2021

How Virtual Staging Can Be Your Greatest Asset

A piece of real estate is no longer dependent on a home’s physicalities to sell the space. Real estate now depends on various factors, and maybe the most impactful factor is the emphasis of the technology-focused market. The use of online tools helps clients shop from home and see their homes’ future in an easier…

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