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March 3, 2022

Take Your Design Virtual: How Online Interior Design Services are Taking Over

Take Your Design Virtual: How Online Interior Design Services are Taking Over

What are interior design services?

Interior design services and online interior design services take on the process of designing, renovating, etc.These services provide a means to create a look for a client based on their budget and design needs. The role of the interior designer goes beyond picking out furniture or artwork for a home; they are tasked with creating a space that flows together with depth that helps to properly articulate the design. These services take on acquiring statement pieces or artwork, but they can also provide a large amount of aid in all areas of a design project.

This may include anything from curating pieces of art, providing custom furniture, design, or even, extensively working as a project manager to help build a home from the ground up. Interior design services aid in creating a real estate or commercial space that fits the aesthetic of the client.

Can I get interior design services online?

There are a wide selection of options to acquire interior design services online. Whether a client’s budget is big or small, there is bound to be a fitting piece in online interior designing. Online interior design services tend to cost a little less than traditional interior design services, but they provide similar solutions regardless. A client can choose to simply have a short consultation, or expand to working with a popular designer, or even have a more extensive project performed all virtually.

Online interior design services typically accept payment in the form of a flat rate. Most of the time, the designing aspects will all be done through remote consultations and will range from $500 and $1500 per room, depending on the extent of the project. This is a cheaper solution as opposed to the traditional interior design project which has an average cost in hiring interior designers at $5,406.

Is there an online service for interior design?

Many interior designers have moved to online interior design services since the beginning of the pandemic. This practice continues to occur because of the affordability and flexibility of online interior design services. Of course, there are large companies that dedicate all their time to online interior design services, but local interior designers may have their own online service. The services provided online grant the same expertise with traditional interior design, with less money and time spent.

What are online interior design services?

The online interior design service process first begins by selecting the design company that best suits a client’s needs. Typically photos, measurements, and a budget are provided to the service to best assess the design needs; some websites will provide a questionnaire to discover personal style as well. Depending on the service used, some will send materials from a custom design, others will provide a guide to finding designs to best fit the client’s style. Communication through these online services occurs via phone call, text, email, Zoom, etc.


Consultations are among the first few times an online interior designer will interact with their client. In a traditional design consultation, the client and the designer will walk around the home and discuss wants, needs, issues, and budget, etc. Online interior design services rely heavily on the information provided through images and details submitted by the client.

The consultation process produces a conceptual idea of a design for the home, not quite yet a permanent plan. A designer spends time creating a concept for a space for the client in the two-hour window. No furniture or items are being placed down at this moment of the process.

Style Questionnaires

A style questionnaire is a huge asset in online interior design services. These style questionnaires allow for a company to assess the personal design style of a client and match them to their perfect designer or provide them resources for their style. These quizzes also provide a glimpse into the design wants of a client before the consultation.

Communicating wants for a style can be difficult for a client, style questionnaires give a definition to a person’s style. These questionnaires can also provide information about certain accent pieces, furniture styles, or even just the favorite color of a client.

3D Rendered Floor Plans

A 3D rendered floorplan is a virtual conception of a space that is created by a designer to help visualize a future layout. This 3D rendering lets a designer portray options and allows for the client to see the possibility within a space. These renderings can include anything from furnishing, art, small bits of decoration all to provide a virtual look into the potential of a project.

A 3D rendered design is a step above the traditional 2D sketch an interior designer might provide. It allows for a client to move around in the space and add and take away as they please. A 2D sketch has the ability to show technical aspects, orientation, measurements, etc. The capabilities of a 3D rendered floor plan are much more extensive in that they provide multiple angles to view and understand the movement of
design elements in their space.

How to market interior design services online?

There is no secret formula to marketing any business, it is a process of time, practice, and utilizing tried tools to grow a following. The difference in marketing within interior design is that it is very important to attract a certain client base to specific designers. Successful interior designers know their style and their clientele, they have to stick to these ideas to do well in marketing.

Utilizing social media to display personal style and large projects is huge in attracting the right client. An Instagram picture showing color-popping pillows complimented by space-saving solutions appeals to a different audience than an eclectic traditional decoration style. Consistency in social media is key: consistency in posting and consistency in portraying personal style.

Another way to aid in marking online interior design services is to rely on testimonials from past clients. Word of mouth is a great tool, but electronic word of mouth separates the interior designer from average to best.