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August 3, 2021

5 Exciting Tips for Real Estate Marketing Products of a Successful Real Estate Agent

Women reading Real Estate Marketing Products

Real estate agents can provide a personal touch with the use of real estate marketing products. Marketing gives a chance for individuals and businesses to promote a crafted advertisement to a client base. Real estate marketing offers potential clients a glimpse into who a real estate agent or company is and what they do. Utilizing various marketing strategies and marketing products for real estate agents gives control to a company in how they portray themselves.

Real estate marketing products are distributable items that provide a connection between a client, agent, and company. In order to properly use marketing products, it is essential that agents use items that help promote the mission or intention of a property’s sale. Custom promotional products marketing for real estate agents helps to create a bond between the client and agent while also promoting the name of the agent.

No longer is swag marketing products real estate limited to trinkets and small pens, but it is also a way to create a lasting impression. Employing the use of real estate marketing products supplies tools for an agent to show appreciation to their client and people taking time to view a piece of real estate.

When should you hand out these promotional items?

There are several times throughout the process of selling a piece of real estate where promotional items can be used as an asset. Some may pass out these items during open houses, during a final closing meeting, or even to check in with new buyers. There are different approaches to what and how promotional products for real estate agents should be used. There are two distinct moments in the process that these products should always be used in: when selling a property and after selling a property.

Real Estate Marketing Products to be Distributed When Selling A Property

When thinking of swag marketing products real estate, most people would quickly assume small pens and bags given out at showings. These products are so much more than their simplistic nature, they are a tool that assists in selling a property and future properties.

Include a QR Code for More Information

QR codes, or quick response codes, are scannable barcodes that hold an abundance of data which aids in easy navigation. QR codes have the ability to send someone directly to a website, dial a phone number or even begin the process of downloading an application. The data included in a barcode provides an easy process for a variety of purposes.

For the real estate agent, a QR code can be put across any affiliate marketing products related to real estate and bring the customer back to the agent’s information. A real estate agent can use the QR code on a phone case, a sticker, or even a simple flyer. This small code is a large assistant in easy navigation for a client.  The code can send customers directly to an agent’s information, website, or a property’s listing.

QR codes may not be a specific marketing product but they can be used on a variety of products to provide both personalization and a professional appeal.

Traditional “Open-House Bags” for Variety

An “open-house bag” is a bag full of favors and client-catered items given to those who attend an open house event or any other event to sell a space. These bags typically include customized pens, stickers, adhesive phone wallets, etc. Items in these promotional bags both help sell a property and the agent as a product. These items should be of relevance to the property and to what people would use in their daily lives. Items like portable chargers, pens, mousepads, etc. should be included. A business card and a small flyer would also help to provide more information concisely.

Custom Documents, Portfolios and Folders

Just below the marketing of a listing, the real estate agent’s name is the second biggest thing to market. After the agent, the company they work for and the companies they collaborated with should be marketed as well. A real estate agent’s job is to advise clients to purchase and sell the best-suited properties for the benefit of the client. Reputation matters for the real estate agent in a large way.

The marketing products associated with an agent should both enhance and promote their reputation. Custom documents, portfolios, and folders with the agent’s name and company listed are a way to procure prominence in the industry. By repeatedly establishing your name and attaching a brand to it, a stable reputation will follow.

Putting the branding of the company and the agent’s name on nearly every product will give a lasting effect of this helpful reputation.

Real Estate Marketing Products to be Distributed for New Homeowners

New homeowners or property-owners have gone through the tedious process of purchasing a space so it is necessary for the agent to show appreciation towards their clients. Sending thoughtful gifts to former clients is a way to maintain a presence in a community’s life in real estate.

Tailor the Product to the Person/Client:

The product given to the client should be tailored to who they are or things the agent has learned about them on the way. By showing a client that you know them, you create an experience they will want to recommend to others.

Though stickers and water bottles with the company’s brand on them show that the agent cares, personalized gifts like favorite candies and trinkets show a relationship. The goal of marketing is to spread valuable reviews. Creating well-formed relationships is a way to encourage this. Promotional products marketing for real estate agents encourages the clients to spread the word of their experience with others.

Maintain Contact

After a property is sold or bought, the client shouldn’t just disappear from the interaction of the agent. The agent should reach out to the new homeowners with congratulations and appreciation for the process. A simple thank you card that includes branded items or an intentional gift can go a long way in establishing a connection and reputation within a community.