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February 25, 2021

5 Ways to Best Use Real Estate Marketing Services

real estate marketing services

The consumer and business relationship is dependent on a product that is able to sell. The content and marketing strategies used to sell the product may be just as important. Real estate marketing services has increased in its online presence over the last decade but a big part of it is still the recommendations of past clients. The content that is created and shared creates an experience for a client that will allow them to further their connection with your company. Marketing your real estate allows a client to be comforted with your expertise throughout the process of buying or selling a home.

Agencies, companies, and real estate agents can use these high-end real estate marketing services to better brand themselves and gain more clients. This article details several real estate marketing ideas that can help to improve your company’s business and online presence.

Create Consistent and Interesting Content

High-end real estate marketing services are best spread through word of mouth, online presence, and accessibility. All content distributed online should be easily available at any moment. This accessibility also requires a level of consistency in the distribution of the content. The content should be released periodically with interesting ideas in order to maintain your client base.

Visual content should be your primary goal in real estate marketing. Using professional photography and touchups allows for instantaneous viewing of a home or a project. Some companies utilize VR and AR tools for clients to immerse themselves in a space from the comforts of their own technology.

Another resource that helps with marketing is the ability to tell and portray a story. People are naturally drawn to the stories of others so using this technique allows for experiences to be shared. Using clients’ stories of how you as a real estate agent or how you as a company changed them can help better sell this experience and products.

Use Social Media to Increase Your Online Presence

The biggest impact you can have in improving your online presence with social media is knowing your audience. Marketing services for real estate agents on social media will be different than a real estate marketing company’s presence on social media. For instance, a real estate agent will need to focus more on home buyers and sellers, whereas a real estate marketing company will focus more on realtors and real estate agents.

Using different social media platforms allows you to access different clients with ease. By knowing your audience on these accounts and knowing the type of things that are shared on these accounts, you can know how to effectively reach your clients.

Pinterest is a great tool in visual marketing. It allows for customers to see the visual appeal of your content and it can provide links to your website or social media pages. You can best benefit from Pinterest by posting visually appealing content categorized under popular tags that apply to your post and page.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow for customers to interact and immerse themselves in a product of a real estate company. Instagram and Facebook will have a different demographic of followers but both should continue to focus on posting images with a large visual appeal with interesting captions. Twitter should focus on concise ideas that are easily shareable.

Within these different platforms, using social media campaigns and ads help to enhance the speed at which your content reaches the client. Social media campaigns focus on an idea and spread the word about your company through the direct impacts of the client. A social media ad increases your online presence in a similar way but it is through the controlled hands of the company.

Despite the social platform, your social media marketing should have some niche that will allow your company to be unique against similar companies. There may be hundreds of companies or agents that are similar to you but you have to sell what makes you unique through your marketing strategies.

Utilize Customer Testimonials and Connections

Despite the growing presence of social media marketing with real estate, the word of mouth marketing model is still a primary technique, especially with real estate agency marketing and marketing services for real estate agents. People still depend on the reviews and the experiences of other people in making a purchasing decision even with all other high-end real estate marketing services. This is so important that a survey found that 92% of people read reviews before making a purchase decision.

People want to hear the experiences of others and the stories of the good things that happened to others before making a decision. Customer reviews and testimonials should be shown in as many places as possible to show positive reflections of your companies. People want to hear reviews of good experiences to best choose their agent or company.

Another way to do this is by partnering with local companies. This allows you to expand your network and the other company can benefit simultaneously. Obviously, the best thing to do is to work with places that will expand your clientele to the best possible audience as possible. By working with a local moving company, real estate photography company, or even legal professionals you can gain more clients that best apply to your industry.

Utilize a Google Business Page and SEO

Google My Business page allows for all professional accounts to be centralized in one spot for your Google advertising and presence needs. This localized business account allows for you to see your web traffic insights on different websites, it displays reviews, shows real estate offers, FAQ’s and anything you share from certain social accounts will display in the images.

This is a great tool for realtors, agencies, and companies to both help with organization in your marketing strategies but it increases your SEO availability on Google. Organic Search generates 53.3% of web traffic, by having an easy and available Google Business page, clients can easily access all of your information. Google Business helps to increase web traffic with SEO but you have to tailor your content to best appeal to searches of your client base.

Reach Out to Experts for Real Estate Marketing Services

When in doubt, seek out or lookout for experts in the industry. There are entire companies dedicated to working for and helping those in real estate. Real estate marketing companies dedicate their entire business to helping you succeed. Finding a local real estate marketing company is simple, just type your local town into a search engine plus real estate marketing services and you’re bound to have something pop up.

If you are confused about how to run a social media page, reach out to social media marketing experts. If you are confused about how to run a website or blog, reach out to someone with expertise. Outsourcing initially can help lead to growth and understanding within the company.

Another way to do this is to look at the success of top realtors, agencies, and companies in their real estate marketing services. By examining this, you can see what works and how it works so you can best help grow your own services.

Real estate marketing services will vary from company to company but using these strategies will help grow your client base.