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May 11, 2022

How to Construct a High-Quality Website for Virtual Interior Design Services

photo of room with virtual interior design servicesThe window to a brick-and-mortar store with clean and simple designs that showcases a store’s personality will pull people into the store much quicker than a dull storefront. Why are websites for virtual interior design services so important? Just as the first step into the threshold of a new business or home leaves a lasting impression on how future customers see themselves as part of a business, the first click on a website’s home page provides a similar experience. Virtual interior design services appeal to a large audience of people wanting to take the next steps in designing their future space.

What are virtual interior design services? What do they offer?

Virtual interior design services give a vast amount of interior design solutions in one central location. Online interior design takes into account the budgeting and physical needs of a client in the same way a traditional interior design service would. The most convenient aspect of virtual home design services is that a client can choose their terms in where, when, and how the interior design process will occur.

The typical conception of an interior designer is a professional who endeavors to create decorative solutions for homes, but an interior designer has the capabilities to do so much more. An interior designer can work on anything from furnishings and art installation to taking on an intensive role of a project manager for new homes and commercial spaces.

A virtual interior design process can include anything as simple as creating a 2d or 3d replica of a room, having a consultation with a designer, or the process can include something as extensive as a designer designing the entirety of space through an online medium. Virtual interior design services offer anything from consultations, style questionnaires, 3d rendered floor plans, etc. With all of these services offered, it is essential that the base of the virtual business, the website, be well constructed to create an ease of movement through the different services.

Online services offer a simple solution to online problems. With virtual interior design services, a client is not limited to in-person showings of spaces. The best online decorating services will have not only a talented group of personnel working with virtual clients but, they will have a visually appealing website that entices future clients.

Best Website Design for Online Services

Like any company, a good website entices future clients and aids in showcasing the benefits of using services. What do the best online design services have on their website?

Good Design

The style of the website should mimic the style of services that an interior design company provides. Although the interior home design and the website design are entirely different areas, since a client is signing up for an appealing design within a home, they want to see a good design on a website. If a website design is chaotic and doesn’t showcase the talents of a designer properly, it is less likely the client would want to use the virtual interior design services.

It is important to keep in mind that a good design isn’t limited to one type of style. There are some key factors to keep in mind for website design for virtual interior designs: white space, simple typography, plenty of photos, and information on how services will be acquired. Beyond that, the design of a website is limited to the imagination of the designer.

For example:

  • Website Design for Interior Design Services in Commercial Real Estate:
    These websites should have a more corporate appeal to the website. They should showcase previous online design services created for these commercial spaces while encouraging the mission of their company.
  • Website Design for Interior Design Services with Residential Real Estate Agents and Companies:
    Interior design for residential real estate will have a more personal touch to a website. This website design should still showcase a portfolio of past designs but it should market toward new home renovations or real estate design services.
  • Website Design for Interior Design Services with the Consumer:
    This design should enable a client to have domain over how they navigate the website and what they do with virtual interior design services. With this type of website design, it is especially important to keep the design simple and minimalistic. This type of website design puts the power of the virtual services directly in the hands of a client.


One of the best things that an exceptional virtual interior design services website will have is a large number of images to showcase a portfolio of designs. To acquire future clients with online interior design services, it is important to show the success of past clients. The visual appeal of a website is the first step in maintaining website clicks, the second step is the showcasing of talent through portfolio images.

Interior design photography intently scattered across the extent of a virtual interior design services website should be the main focus of the website design. Other elements of photography such as 3D tours and video can be utilized as another self-marketing aspect within the website. The main priority should be visuals that captivate current and future clients. Not only does a website work to market and appeal to clients, but it also provides a place to give a thorough portfolio of past work.

Simplicity and Ease in Navigation

Although obvious, simplicity and ease of navigation is a major appeals in website design. With the introduction of Web 3.0 and even Web 2.0, the vast amount of domains and websites create opportunities for plenty of amateur designs. The most successful websites have simple designs with easy navigation.

The homepage on a virtual home design services web page should be easy to navigate with photography front and center. The design of the web pages, beyond the home page, should be minimalistic with plenty of white space, with a decent amount of images and they should contain a call to action where they ask for the clients to take part in virtual interior design services. An easy way to create a call to action for clients fairly quickly is by listing the services that the virtual interior designer offers on the main page so a client knows what to expect immediately upon entering the website.