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June 10, 2022

Construction Digital Marketing: The Gateway to Unlocking New Clients and Expanding Business

Construction digital marketing and general digital marketing are strategies for businesses that ensure companies will maintain relevance. Tools like digital marketing allow companies to maintain and grow their clients, especially in industries like construction. In large cities like NYC, construction companies are numerous, and finding the company that best serves the needs of a client is hard without proper marketing tools. Utilizing a construction digital marketing plan is necessary for keeping a business afloat and relevant within the 21st century.

What is digital marketing versus traditional marketing?

Marketing is any business aim used to promote or sell a product or part of their business. Digital marketing utilizes online tools, assets, and electronic devices to push forward promotional material to a wider range of clientele.

In the same way, traditional marketing is not limited to billboard ads or posters on a fence, digital marketing is not limited to electronic website ads. Digital marketing can range from video, social media posts, blogging, etc. Construction digital marketing creates a measurable way to understand the diversity of needs in construction clients while also creating a way to have targeted marketing campaigns toward a wider population of people.

Digital marketing moves the construction companies’ marketing strategy from physical campaign posters stuck on a wooden pole to extensive digital campaign strategies that work to access a multitude of people and platforms.

Construction Company Marketing Ideas for Beginners

Just as any company has a particular digital marketing strategy, construction company marketing ideas and strategies will have particulars laid out as well. Is the construction company that is being promoted a commercial construction company? Does the company specialize in building high-rise offices in NYC or sustainable parks located in central areas of large cities?

Understanding the audience of a company not only creates an opportunity for a narrowed construction company marketing plan, but it creates a more simple approach rather than trying to advertise and market to everything all at once. Here are some typical general digital marketing approaches to aid in a construction marketing strategy:

  • Google Business

A Google Business profile is an essential aspect of marketing, its relevance is understandable as putting a business on the map of the digital world. To create a profile, Google simply requires a business name, location, and category. This profile gives customers the ability to leave reviews, and photos and interact through FAQs and comments on the personalized Google Business profile.

A step beyond just putting a business profile on the internet is making a Google Business account to which a business can access, manage and customize the profile displayed on google. Not only is the business owner in control of what is shown to their customers, but they have the ability to market in the plan that they choose fit.

So why set up a profile for construction marketing? Just as a brick and mortar storefront almost requires the name of the store to be put on the outside of a building, a digital business needs its name to appear on search engines similarly. In the digital world, the easier it is for a construction business to be found, the more clients will find the company. Creating this profile is simple and effective and it can help all aspects of a business.

  • Low-Cost Advertising on Socials and Google Search Engines

The ad costs and marketing costs on Facebook and Google vary depending on the industry, objective of the campaign, location, and a variety of other factors. Typically, a company can spend just five dollars a day and keep its company at the forefront of potential construction clients’ minds. These types of ads are cheap and efficient ways of marketing on social networks and search engines.

These ads aid in marketing to a broader population of clients. Just as a company may purchase a TV ad to promote its business, digital ads can work in a similar way. With 63% of the world using the internet, you want to be on top of the digital ad sphere.

This will aid in creating targeted marketing campaigns. A construction company based in NYC that wants to appeal to a particular audience in the city, will benefit more from ads attached to certain geolocations and regions, versus ads that may randomly appear in Wisconsin. Not only do these ads help to target certain audiences, but they also expand the audience of clients a construction company may have at the same time.

  • Social Media

Ads don’t have to be the only way that social media is used, social media marketing gives an opportunity for a wide range of marketing solutions. If digital marketing is used to help put a construction company’s name on the map, social media is one of the roads that help guide people to the company.

Social media platforms allow using photography, video, blogging, etc. Different platforms also appeal to different audiences, in different formats. Social media marketing allows for creative marketing tools across various platforms.

The best social media platforms for construction companies are Twitter and LinkedIn. Twitter creates a space in which a construction company can do microblogging while also utilizing geolocation features. LinkedIn is another social media website that would be a huge asset to a construction company. Its extensive networking opportunities and social media-like pages give opportunity for a variety of marketing solutions.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of appealing to search engine algorithms that target unpaid internet traffic. Taking advantage of SEO puts different levels of weight on a website’s relevance through appeals to the needs of the different search engines. SEO is important because it helps boost where a website lies in relevance to the rest of the digital world on particular search engines. This can help construction companies determine their relevance in regard to other construction companies in the area.

  • Photography and Video

Another way to improve digital marketing is through construction photography and construction video. Taking pictures of construction processes and creating videos like time-lapses give an opportunity for future clients to see the ability and efficiency of different construction companies. Visual marketing is a huge asset in any business to showcase the appealing attributes of a company.