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March 9, 2021

How Real Estate Photography Increases Your Homes Value

 real estate photography

Why You Should Utilize Real Estate Photography:

Homeowners, when putting their homes on the market, want to sell their homes quickly, efficiently and to the right people. Using home photography and real estate photography can help accelerate and improve this process. The place in which you lived or you are selling, should appeal to a person who will care for it to the same extent you do.  Much like how you want important events in your life photographed by the best, your home should be photographed in the same manner.

House photography also gives a buyer an immediate view into the home without having to go onto the property. The world that we live in today is instantaneous and when a person is searching for a home, many expect images that can be viewed instantly. The images, provided by a real estate photographer, allows for an instant relationship between buyer and owner.

The Importance of Photography for Real Estate:

Humans are visual people. In a world of social media and search engines, people are used to constant visual associations with the content they are viewing. In sales, visuals are 43% more persuasive in completing a sale. In addition to this, homes with high-quality real estate photographs are likely to sell at least 32% faster compared to homes with fewer photographs or even lower quality photographs.

Homes listed with real estate photography both sell quicker and at a higher price. According to a 2013 study by Redfin, it was found that real estate listed in the range of $200,000 and $1 million sold at least $3,400 to $11,200 higher than their list prices with professional photography. Other studies concluded that over 90 percent of buyers rely on photos to captivate their imaginations to make a decision on their home.

Photography really makes a difference in how you put your home out into the world. A house’s photography not only displays the beauty of a home and can increase the value of a home, but it can show a level of professionalism in the process you are entering with a client.

Real-Estate Photography Tips and Advice:

When selling your home, much like selling anything, you must see how a space conveys a feeling to a possible client and buyer. The space on display should be a reiteration of your own feelings about the home and should convince a buyer to feel the same way. You should find a photographer who follows these same ideals in photography, style, and editing. The other option is to find a photographer or company that can provide real estate photography tips or they could do this for you.

When taking into account the photographer, you should take into account the quality of the pictures and the price you want to sell your home for. Many real estate photography companies offer packages like retouching, video, virtual staging etc. All of these options allow for you, the homeowner, to tell a story of your property through the display of a professional.

A real estate photographer can put your property in the best image possible in the eyes of your client. The investment you take on house photography can help invest in the overall price of your home.

Real Estate Photography Tip:

Depending on the client you are trying to appeal to or the market you are trying to appeal to, consider that your staging may be different than how your home looked on a day to day basis. The staging should promote your home to a market for you to properly sell your home at the right price.

How to Find the Right Photographer or Company:

Much like finding the proper real estate agent or contractor for your house, the right photographer can display your home the way you have always pictured it. Depending on your price range and the market you’re in, the photographer and or the company can make or break your pictures.

The cost of a professional real estate photographer can average anywhere from $200 to $2000, depending on the market. Though this may sound pricey, a good photographer can really accentuate even the most finite details of your home. Photography for real-estate can portray your home in the way you see it and the way others see it.

Take for instance these two images:

The photo on the left is an image before professional editing, and the photo on the right is an image after it has been professionally edited. The photo on the left is taken with a DSLR camera by a professional photographer but it has not gone through the editing process a professional picture requires.

The one on the right displays the balance of light and shadows and truly accentuates the light of the space. It allows for a person to visualize how the light of a room can illuminate the pieces they bring into their new home. It can help an agent see the atmosphere a potential client is viewing. The proper photographer, with the right photo, helps to display areas of a home you’ve never even thought of.

From just the highlights displayed in the edits, a view of your home can be changed entirely. House photography takes time for images to be sent to the client. These photos will not be shared the day they are taken and sometimes not even the week they are taken, but the edits are well worth the wait.

Reaping the Benefits of Real Estate Photography:

A house’s photography establishes a sense of professionalism along with the added comfort of knowing a space. Real estate photography can enhance how quickly and how much your home or space can sell for.

Hiring real estate photographers is an easy way to help you succeed in your real estate photography because real estate photographers possess a vast experience in making a space look incredible.

Photography for real estate is essential for all of those who are selling a home and using these services allows for all kinds of benefits.