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November 10, 2021

The Key Features to Look for in a Real Estate Photographers Portfolio

Real estate photographers are the people behind the lens who help showcase incredible properties. The magnetizing images displayed on the cover of home magazines or even towering buildings on the main page of a prominent website, all are rooted in the works of real estate photographers. These professional real estate photographers are the people who elevate a piece of real estate, interior, or building into a highly sought-after property. 


Photography for real estate is essential because every client requires visuals to understand what they want in a property. A buyer will spend more time looking at a space versus reading about a piece of real estate because people want to see what they are investing their time and money into. According to research from the Wall Street Journal, buyers typically spend 60% of their time looking at real estate listing photos while only 20% of the time on the description. With 83% of buyers stating that they see pictures as significant to the buying process, utilizing a real estate photographer is the best way to make a good impression.


What is the difference between a professional real estate photographer and an amateur photographer?

A straightforward approach to defining an amateur photographer is someone who does photography for enjoyment versus financial gain. A professional real estate photographer is someone who trains and practices to sell photography to clients. Though both amateur photographers and professional photographers can take high-quality images, the experience in the industry and the training define who a professional real estate photographer is. 


A client who wants to sell a home quicker with an enticing visual appeal should turn to a real estate photographer. Utilizing a professional real estate photographer helps real estate agents sell homes quicker to a wider client base. Real estate listings that use professional photography sell 32% faster and closer to the asking price. 

How much do real estate photographers charge?

A real estate photographer’s cost varies on the location that a listing is in or the quality of imaging that you are investing in. A real estate photographer will typically provide a variety of options that fit a price range and photography needs. When looking for a photographer, there will be different price ranges and photography options for every type of budget but, make sure the quality matches the price that is given.


What to Look for in Professional Real Estate Photographers:

A Strong Portfolio

It is hard to define a strong portfolio but the two main things that a buyer or agent should look for in a professional real estate photography portfolio are composition and experience. An experienced real estate photographer will have a vast amount of options in their portfolio. This may include, but not be limited to, images of interior design, architecture, building photography, etc. This experience indicates not only have they practiced their craft, but they have been successful in doing so. 


Compositions are another key item to look at in a photographer’s portfolio. The word composition describes the way that a photo is taken in order to arrange the subjects within the photo. A good composition will feel balanced and easy to look at. These photos will show the parts of a space that are necessary to sell the home while also telling a story through the beauty of the image.

Attention to Detail

Much like a puzzle is made up of a group of various pieces, a good series of photos is made up of a combination of parts. Details in images are what calls attention to a buyer.

How to photograph homes for real estate with attention to detail:

The first step to taking an image of a space is to declutter the room, giving a bit of a touchup to minor clutters will help bring out the eye-catching detail of the space. If the room is staged you are in luck, work with the space to help reveal details around the room. When using decorative elements, limit the decor to 1-3 items; this will help keep the image from looking too cluttered or disorganized. 


The image taken to showcase detail will show the layout of the room while highlighting prominent features of the room. If the room were to have a chandelier hanging over a dining room table, those details would be an eye-catcher of the interior for a potential buyer. It is essential to create this “eye-catching” image and the easiest way to do this is to 

A Real Estate Photographer Should be a Storyteller

A good real estate photographer will be able to show everything that a space has to offer while creating a vision of what a space could be. If a young buyer is moving to New York and wants to live a bachelor’s life downtown, this buyer looks to find an apartment that tells this story. Every buyer has their own life and reasoning for purchasing a new space, it is the photographer’s job to help narrate a listing’s story while leaving room for the imagination. 


How to photograph real estate like a storyteller:

One way to create a story in real estate is to focus on capturing moments. A kitchen island is just an island, but a kitchen island with a cutting board and slices of lemons elicits a feeling of warmth in the kitchen. It creates a story of emotion so people can imagine how they can live in the space. 


Detail-oriented images showcase a personality to a space that is hard to show in a picture that simply shows a wide angle of a room. A staged room that highlights high ceilings and hardwood floors should have images that help show these details with personality added to it. A dark hardwood floor complimented by the airy lighting cascading down onto bright furniture helps show the complexity of space beyond just four walls and some windows.