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December 15, 2021

Professional Real Estate Photography: Property’s Curbside Appeal Moves Towards Online Presence


Professional real estate photography focuses on taking the highest quality images possible of buildings, architecture, interior design, commercial spaces, and many more types of properties. Professional photography is the most important tool at any person’s disposal to not only market a property but to sell a home. Real estate photography can be as simple as taking a picture on a phone’s camera but, utilizing professional photography allows for a visual narrative to be told the moment the shutter is clicked. Amateur photography can be used to sell a home but the content created by a professional photographer will surpass the amateur in quality and benefits.

Why use professional photography for real estate?

Professional photography for real estate gives the opportunity to show the quality and potential of a home. A reputable real estate photography company can help showcase a property in the manner that it was meant to be portrayed. The use of these professional photos has elevated an industry that was once so dependent on showings to be an industry dependent on beautiful imagery and design. Professional photography in real estate elevated a simple industry of selling a commodity to a couple of buyers to selling a property to a vast network. 


Any industry is elevated by innovation and photography has truly elevated the real estate industry. Utilizing professional photography in real estate has taken selling real estate from being localized to a region of sales, to selling properties to a large and expansive audience. 

The real estate industry moved from selling a property in a particular town to a large global network of competition for the best interior design, the best architecture, the best photography, the best location, etc.


What is the importance of professional photography in real estate?


Professional photography in real estate gives an allure to a property that is hard to achieve with amateur photography. A good image can elevate a listing from mediocre to incredible.


32% of homes with professional, high-quality images sell quicker than those without.


People inherently desire to see the best quality regardless of a situation. A high-quality photograph gives satisfaction to a viewer while piquing the interest of a buyer. Homes with professional images sell quicker than those without because they captivate more web clicks on a listing profile which creates a larger number of people interested. The use of professional real estate photography also makes a property perceived as higher in value which then leads to less negotiation and quicker sales. This not only creates a quicker process but ease in the process as well.


90% of home buyers search for a home online


There used to be a time where to find a home, people would have to hop in their car and drive around various neighborhoods looking for “for sale signs.” Upon finding a home that was for sale, they would then rifle through a box filled with flyers that showcased the home. Gone is this tedious process of investigating neighborhoods for flyers showing the bare necessities of a home; now these images are pasted all over various websites on the internet showcasing the detail and beauty of a property. It only makes sense that when purchasing a home, the average buyer uses the internet to find a home. The culture of real estate has shifted to that of an in-person presentation to an industry that relies heavily on technology and the internet to extend its audience reach for properties.


How does professional photography help real estate agents sell? 

People are visual creatures. For instance, a New York apartment listing could be marketed through a well-worded newsletter, but for someone to truly want to purchase a property, it is important for them to see it first. An NYC apartment in Manhattan may have an incredible view, and the best way to showcase this selling point is through professional photography. 


Due to the impact of tools like professional real estate photography, real estate videography, 3d virtual tours, etc., not all properties need to be seen in person all the time. A property can be listed online and have hundreds of web clicks to see a property and the main thing capturing their attention will be how a property looks.


So how does professional photography help real estate agents sell? Homebuyers want to see a property and find a property from how it looks visually. The “curb appeal” that was once limited to driving by a property is now a huge aspect of the online real estate environment. The visuals help real estate agents not only sell properties quicker but they reduce time spent on multiple open-houses and marketing campaigns. Professional real estate photography also helps a real estate agent sell a home for more and receive nearly two times more revenue than real estate agents who don’t use real estate photography.

Should a real estate agent use professional photography?

A large part of being a real estate agent or being part of a real estate company is the brand you are associated with. Homes with professional photography sell quicker regardless of the value, the cost of hiring a photographer is outweighed by the benefits of professional images, and homes with professional photos typically have increased sales prices. Professional photos aim to best represent a space but also, they represent the type of home that real estate agents want to sell to others. 


Amateur photographs can be used to sell a property but its impact will not be as great. The content created to sell a property made by professional photographers will be exceptional compared to images taken on a cellphone. Using professional photography for real estate elevates properties home over those who do not have professional photography. 

How is professional real estate photography worth it?

Professional real estate photography is worth the time and money spent because it helps sell a property faster and for more money. The image can also be an addition to a real estate agent’s portfolio of homes that they have sold. This means that these photos are nearly timeless as they stay with a real estate agent despite how long ago they were taken.