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July 6, 2021

Understanding New Development Photography and it’s Different Approaches

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New development photography creates an opportunity to combine creative aspects within architectural photography and real estate photography. A client who hires a photographer for their new development will require and expect a high-level of imagery that portrays a new building in exceptional ways. A new development photographer has the task of taking images of new commercial or residential developments (new developments).

A development can be anything from a large apartment complex in real estate development New York, to a new shopping mall at the center of the suburbs, or even a quaint group of townhomes built on the outskirts of a small town. Real estate development photos have a wide range of types of building construction that can be captured.

New development properties have a distinct need for publicity in order to build a reputation. Real estate development photos show the workings of a property to potential buyers. This gives the developer the opportunity to control how the first images of a space will be released to the world.

New development photography puts the narrative control in the photographer and developers hands.

How to Photograph Different Types of New Developments:

New development photography is a large category of real estate photography that captures images of new buildings. There are a wide variety of new developments that have a need for photography and marketing. The moment a contractor begins to construct a building on a piece of real estate, it is essentially a new development.

Like any type of photographer in the real estate industry, a new development photographer should enter a shoot with the intention of pleasing the client. The best and easiest way to create this customer satisfaction is to take beautiful images of a place. This, of course, is easier said than done.

There are three helpful approaches in new development marketing photography:

  • How do I photograph this particular new development?
  • What should I aim for in terms of what the clients wants? What is essential that I highlight?
  • How do I shoot this in a unique way?

Questions like these allow for a unique approach in all aspects of photographing a new building.

Key Aspects of Photographing New Developments:

Despite the variety in types of new developments, the approach toward these developments depends on the artistic style of the photographer. The photographer should understand the real estate development marketing goals of a space and adjust their imaging to fit these goals.

Real estate development photos help enhance the chance of selling these new developments. A photographer should focus on specific aspects of a building when taking images for these properties. New development photographers should especially focus on how to enhance and display the size, location, lifestyle and details of a building.

  • Size of the Space

Buyers, regardless of what sort of new development they are looking to acquire, will look at the size of a property to see if it is functional for their intentions of buying. The square footage of a new development is essential to a property. A photographer’s portrayal of the size of a space within an image plays a significant role in how the property sells. For instance, a buyer looking into a new commercial space within New York City will want to purchase something with a decent amount of space for the lowest price possible. Real estate development New York, especially within the city, will always have a large emphasis on the aspects of space. The more space that is available and understandable in an image is essential to selling these properties.

  • New Development Location

The location of a new development is not only important to the buyers but the sellers.

The relevance of a commercial space to its consumer is dependent on the location it is in. A single-family residential home appeals to a family more if the new development is built near good school districts with added aspects like parks or even gated communities. Location is a good approach in real estate development photos because it reveals a world beyond the development. The establishment of location creates an understanding to the daily life of a place.

  • Lifestyle Ambitions

Lifestyle photography is an aspect any real estate photographer will utilize when photographing a property. Narrative and story is useful for the consumer and buyer relationship because it gives rational to purchasing a home. Real estate development marketing will include some level of lifestyle ambitions attached to a property.

  • Unique Detailing

Every new property comes with unique details that help show the character of a home. New properties have yet to be introduced to clients, buyers or owners of the property, thus it is the photographer’s job to create a character of the space. Photographers interested in real estate development marketing should utilize the details of a space in order to create a personality to a property.

How Real Estate Development Photos Benefit Marketing Strategies

New developments require a level of branding and marketing to appeal to the right consumer-base. Due to the novelty of these developments, the prep-work and marketing is essential in revealing a property to a customer. Any photographer that works in new development photography should have a basic understanding of how to capture images in correspondence to the intention of the building’s market. The photographer should be able to assess the marketing priority, lifestyle of the space and the needs of a client.

A typical marketing strategy for real estate development follows the standard marketing strategies of real estate marketing: SEO, social media branding, client testimonials etc. The difference is, with a new property, the photographer is the first one to create a professional imagery of the space. This gives a creative and competitive edge to the images being taken.

The basic assumption in real estate development marketing is that the first step in marketing is showing it. Bringing in groups of people is a tedious task. Taking professional images and utilizing them for marketing strategies can help sell a space quicker and with less labor.