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May 25, 2021

The Secrets of a Successful and Professional Apartment Video

apartment video

What are Apartment Video Tours?

An apartment video falls under the many categories of real estate video. These videos explore smaller spaces of a larger property in order to sell multiple spaces. Apartment video tours are an immersive video experience that portrays an apartment in a cinematic manner.

Realtors that showcase properties with video receive around 403% more inquiries than properties without video. Of course, with 92% of people using the internet to look for their next home, it is crucial to attempt to reach that market with video.

Apartment video tours show the ebbs and flow of a space. It allows for intimate details and basic views of an apartment complex to be explored. This gives the ability to distribute basic amenities and features of a space to a multitude of clients in a short video. Homebuyers from across the world can have the chance to immerse themselves in these properties because of these videos. Real estate video and apartment videos are similar as both are showcasing a space through an edited experience.

Apartment videos are different from virtual tours in a minor way. Virtual tours let people choose how they see the space through 3D imaging, photo, or video. A video showcases a space in the way the realtor or owner of the property wants the client to see the space.

Tips for Video Apartment Tours that Sell

Video apartment tours are not extremely complicated to create a concept within a video in order to sell an apartment. The small things that are done in creating the video are what contribute to the quality of the bigger picture.

Make Your Video Feel like a Showing

Apartment videos are not an untouchable display of a place, they should feel as if they are a legitimate showing. The footage should emulate the movement of how it would feel to be walking through a property with a realtor. This will allow the client to have an immersive experience.

The fundamental basics of an in-person showing also should occur within the video:

  • Make sure the place is cleaned up and tidied
  • Consider the time of day to film at
  • Stage the property
  • Make sure the apartment is well-lit

Focus on the Details

An apartment does not just sell from what is inside a space, it sells from details that surround and add function to a property. The quality of appliances, flooring, and details in a space are all important aspects that should be recognized in an apartment video. Apartment videos should seek to show what is beyond the walls of the apartment. These apartment videos should show the amenities of the surrounding area like the view of a park from the window, the complex gym, a rooftop setting, etc. These small details make all the difference in the properties selling points.

Accompany the Video with Photo

As with all marketing techniques, having accompanying information can always help to sell a place quicker and easier. Keep photos with a video in the same way that listings are accompanied with pamphlets during a showing. Clients can always pause a tour video to look at something but, when quality photos of a property are included, it creates an easy and lasting impression for the consumer.

Stylize the Apartment Video

The most important part of the apartment video is that the client should be able to picture all aspects of their daily lives in the space. The two easiest ways to do this is to work on the quality of the video and the lighting within the video.

Maintaining a smooth camera movement is essential in an apartment video. A shaky video is distracting and will take away from any beautiful displays showing in the video. When creating an apartment video, tripods or static shots should be used to avoid these unstable shots.

Lighting can make or break the quality of the video and the view of the home. The best thing to do in an apartment is work with natural lighting. Natural lighting gives the atmosphere of the space while providing a clean and sharp style.

How to Get Apartment Video Tours Made

There are two options when making an apartment video, doing it yourself or hiring out a professional individual or company.

Doing a DIY apartment video can be cheaper and can easily be filmed by the realtor. The issue with doing it yourself is that the quality won’t be as professional. When trying to sell a property, putting your best foot forward is essential to the sale and when this is neglected, so is the sale.

Hiring out a real estate video or photo company can help immensely in portraying an apartment or apartment complex in the best light possible. These companies have professional cinematographers and editors who dedicate their entire profession to creating a video that sells real estate properties to various audiences. Their knowledge in the industry can also help with creating other apartment marketing videos. This of course is worth the price if it helps to sell other spaces as well.

Making an Apartment Marketing Video

An apartment marketing video is the same as an apartment video but it is used for marketing purposes. There is a difference in how a space is displayed on the front of a complex’s website versus how it would be shown on Facebook or an ad on Apartment finder.

Apartment marketing videos aim for different rewards on different platforms of mobile, social, and desktop. One video is good for a website but utilizing different styles of video for social can help show a product off even more.

An apartment video is a tool to add more clients and showcase a property in the best way possible. Creating an apartment video can be as easy as filming and editing it yourself or simply hiring a company to do it for you. Video apartment tours and house video tours are essential online marketing tools that can expand your online presence and sell a home at the same time.