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June 15, 2021

How Lifestyle Videos are an Asset to Targeting the Right Buyer

lifestyle video

What does a lifestyle describe in real estate? Promoting a certain lifestyle is a way to market a house in order to give an appeal of a home’s culture to potential buyers. A lifestyle video is a way to help immerse the buyer in this lifestyle prior to entering the home. These videos aren’t limited to just the curbside appeal of a home, they promote a style and a way of living to a property that can’t be seen with a simple image. People don’t want a home just for the house or the yard, they choose a home for additional features like the school district, the location, the view outside the home etc.

So what is a lifestyle video? A real estate lifestyle video is a feature used to market a home not just as a house but as something that functions with their day-to-day life. A real-estate video showcases sellable features of the home and provides a cinematic view into what life could be like on that property. These lifestyle videos take a place and turn them into a home with a compelling story.

A Summary of How to Go About the Creation Process of Lifestyle Videos:

The creation process starts like most other projects with planning and pre-production. At this point, the photography company, videographer or producer of the video will sit down with the client and talk through the intentions of a project. The client and the production team will discuss the idea of the project, what they want to communicate in the story and additional factors like if they are going to include talent in the video. This part of the process sets a standard and gives an idea of how the project will develop.

Production is the next step in the creative process. Upon arrival at the location of the video, the production crew will get all lighting, audio and video tools prepared. The team will then do a quick walk through the space amongst each other. After this walk through, the team and the client will discuss how the shoot will carry out. Throughout the shoot, the shot list prepared in pre-production is utilized at all times to make sure there is sufficient footage.

The editing part of the project is primarily focused on a back and forth editing conversation between the client and the editor. This allows for the client to maintain control of the narrative they want within the video. The editor has a creative license in how the footage is assembled but the client has jurisdiction over how the home is displayed both visually and narratively.

The entirety of this process should be focused on the overall happiness of the client and exceeding their expectations in the final product with the proper portrayal of the narrative at hand. When creating lifestyle video in real estate, it is key to maintain open lines of communication with anyone participating in the project, especially the client.

How do real estate lifestyle video’s attract clients?

A lifestyle video is created to illustrate an enticing and individualized homelife to a client. This video helps to create a tangible image of the possibilities and places a spot of real estate could offer them. The video also gives the client an opportunity to put themselves in the position of a person or a style in the video. The client then has the ability to imagine themselves in a place where they can fulfill something they’ve always imagined. The lifestyle video applies forms of narrative storytelling to bring in buyers and while also selling them their dream home.

What makes an effective lifestyle video?

In addition to good cinematography and good lighting, an effective lifestyle video is composed of good music, good energy and good movement. The music of the video is just as important as the scenery and the story itself. Quality music will help establish the storyline while also creating a level of energy in the video.

This movement and energy within the video is what keeps a person watching and encourages them to seek out more within a space. The movement works directly with the energy of the video, the synchronization of natural movements with a high energy video makes a video successful. All of these aspects will effectively show the potential of a person’s life on a property.

An effective lifestyle video in real estate should also feel relatable and mundane. The video should illustrate things that anyone could feel comfortable with performing an action in the space.

Take a look at this example:

Lifestyle Video Tour Property New York:

For The Adventurous

The video opens up and establishes the location and the main focus of the story of the apartment. By introducing the young man at the beginning, the lifestyle video introduces a compelling narrative of a young bachelor living in New York. As the man walks through the apartment, the camera focuses on the details of the home around him, details like: the gas stove turning on, the design elements on the side table, the stairs and the luxurious roof space.

Even the byline and title of the video give the narrative appeal entailed for the video. The title “For the Adventurous” pulls a potential buyer in with the idea of being an adventurous New York local. The byline furthers this narrative by describing the apartment as a “dream bachelor pad.”

Of course, the most important part of this video is highlighting the location. “Location is everything” is something most people in the real estate industry hear all the time and when shooting a lifestyle video in big cities like New York, it is important to emphasize the location aspect of it. New York real estate lifestyle videos should show the way that a buyer would interact with the New York lifestyle in both beyond and in their apartment.

This is just one example of many kinds of lifestyle videos. Lifestyle video is another tool in the real-estate marketing toolbox to help sell a home to the perfect client in the quickest amount of time possible.