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September 28, 2021

Seeing in 3D: 3D Virtual Tours Impact on Real Estate Professionals

3d virtual tours

What are 3D virtual tours?

Like most everything in the 21st century, showing homes in real estate has transitioned online with 3D virtual tours. These tours are an immersive experience that allows buyers to see a home without the nuisance of going to a space in person. The benefits of 3D virtual tours for real estate are lengthy for both the buyer, seller, and real estate agent. 


3D virtual house tours give a realistic sense of space to a real estate space through ease of movement and navigation. Virtual tours give an ability to move around a space all while having access to a 360-degree view. These tours are not just nice to look at, they represent accurate dimensions for a home to make it a realistic experience. This ease of navigation gives the ability for a buyer to feel a presence in the space. 


COVID-19 has pushed a movement towards social distancing and self-isolation, many people are now seeking online alternatives in all areas of life. Within the real estate industry, online opportunities are a great way to expand clientele and create a more professional and sophisticated brand. 3D virtual tours are one of many tools to add to the online real estate toolbox.

How do 3D virtual home tours assist real estate agents?

An average realtor sells around 12 homes a year. As each home is sold, the realtor spends a large amount of time dedicated to their showings. Showing a home in person gives an opportunity to the realtor to have a direct influence on a buyer’s thoughts on a new home. Despite this benefit, showings are time-consuming and much more complicated to navigate than a 3D virtual home tour


An in-person showing may present difficulties in prepping a home with staging, preparing sellers to vacate the home for a showing, arranging time in a busy schedule etc. The virtual tour is efficient and it can also be procured for a buyer in a matter of seconds or even minutes. These tours create ease to a process that has huge potential for complexities.  

Saves Time:

The average home takes around 55-70 days to sell on the real estate market. With every home that is sold by a realtor, there has been a dedicated amount of time to prepping a home to sell. This includes anything from establishing a relationship with the sellers, showing the home, and dealing with the proceedings of selling a home. Each house has multiple showings and possibly multiple open houses to sell a space. A virtual tour provides an opportunity for clients to view a home beyond being on location. 3D virtual house tours can eliminate uninterested clients without the need for them to come for an in-person showing. The virtual tours can then aid in finding an interested buyer without spending too much time on unpredictable clients. 


Over $200 spent per month is the average monthly cost for a realtor to show a home in person. Providing accessibility for buyers to reach 3D virtual tours increases an online presence; all the while reducing costs and time spent on showings for a realtor. This is significant in marketing campaigns, advertising, or even day-to-day business interactions. Even if a virtual tour does not advance a showing in the right direction, the 3D virtual tours real estate will benefit the company and webpage. 


A virtual tour can be created by outsourcing or creating a digital tour through the company’s resources. In-house virtual tours may be a cheaper alternative but they do not provide the same quality of virtual showings as outsourcing may provide. Outsourcing may not be inexpensive BUT it will help contribute to a level of professionalism and quality to a realtor/company.

Increased Website Traffic:

Web-clicks are the internets doorbell. Web clicks measure the number of times someone clicks on information regarding a certain aspect of a website. Web-clicks are highly beneficial for any company in the 21st century. This tool gives a company the opportunity to expand analytics on their site in order to help better sell their products. These small clicks help companies maneuver what advertising campaigns they should be doing, who they should be appealing to, and what performs best on their website. 


A real estate website with 3D virtual tours for real estate is proven to have more web clicks and more views. Statistics reveal that websites with virtual tours have 5 to 10 times longer views than websites without 3D virtual tours. This increases an online presence for the listing, and company, while also helping to double interest from buyers.

Additional Professional Tools:

3D virtual house tours are an additional tool for selling a home. Every aspect of technology within real estate is a means to sell a property. Tools like real estate photography, real estate video, and 3D virtual tours are all beneficial to help sell a listing faster and easier. With the addition of 3D virtual tours, a real estate property will increase in value. The virtual tour’s professionalism gives the realtors company a chance to increase in value as well. 


What do 3D virtual tours for real estate do for home buying?

The interactive format of 3D virtual tours for real estate helps potential buyers to navigate a variety of angles and spaces within a home all while being in control of the movement through the space. The 3D format gives a buyer a chance to determine both the monetary value and the emotional value of a property. Buyers have the ability to investigate a property at their convenience while increasing interest.


How are matterport 3D virtual tours different than other virtual tours?

Matterport is software that creates a digital copy of a property in order to create a virtual image of a space. This space is easy to build, design, and manipulate for a realtor. Matterport allows for a virtual tour to be created with ease while eliminating inaccuracies. Not only is Matterport easy to use but viewers are 300% more engaged with a Matterport virtual tour than other forms of imagery.  


Matterport is just one of many ways to create a virtual tour. Matterport 3D virtual tours are exceptional compared to other virtual tours because it provides an ease to creating al tour. Matterport moves beyond just the “easiness” aspect and provides a professional quality to 3D virtual home tours.