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April 27, 2021

How to Captivate New Clients with Matterport

Matterport 3D movie

Matterport is a 3D camera and programming system that creates a digital space or “digital twin” of any property. Matterport is unique in that it is not limited to only looking at a virtual image of a space but, the technology allows for you to build, design, and manipulate the online world that has been created.

The software enables photographers, real estate agents, architects, etc, to spend less time creating virtual tours with possible inaccuracies. The program is easy to use and quick to understand, creating a simple and time-saving process with the highest level of precision and accuracy. In addition to its simplicity in use and distribution, the tool is also effective in letting clients explore a space before diving into an investment.

As an all-inclusive platform, Matterport gives companies, and even individuals, the opportunity to market and sell a property through the access of different tools. The variety of intentions of the tools like designing certain aspects in a space and modeling future architectural options helps to create a visual that can decrease a listing’s time on the market. Through the use of new and upcoming technologies, like Matterport, the value of the property and the value of a real estate professionals company is bound to increase.

How Does Matterport Work?

Matterport uses infrared scanning technology to provide accurate visual and spatial information. After the property is scanned, it is then uploaded to the system that analyzes and processes the information taken from the camera. The precision of these skills helps to create a digital world replicated to the physical space.

The 3D Matterport system relies on algorithms to create a replica of the physical space into a computer-based site. The software then creates a painless distributive process of the new digital realm. The content created by the software can be used on its own or it can be connected to other platforms to best display the space.

The content created by Matterport isn’t just for real estate photography. Retail companies are starting to introduce the use of Matterport virtual tours on their websites to give a virtual scan of a space so that they can increase and prolong activity with customers. Commercial spaces use the software to help in scanning, building, and developing a property. Matterport’s accuracy can also be useful in remote inspection due to its accuracy.

What Are the Benefits of Matterport?

Matterport creates an effortless way to create a digital reality of a space that helps to understand a space. The software, the algorithm, and the people behind Matterport take into account what truly matters in a property.

Matterport is High Quality:

Matterport was created to give an accurate layout of a space and to portray a home in the highest quality possible. The 3D Matterport camera is easy to move and versatile in where you choose to place it on the property. The system guarantees that certain benefits like virtual staging can be added by a Matterport service provider later in the process. The virtual staging of these places highlights the importance and comfort of a space. This provides a legitimate view of a space with an inexpensive way of implementing a design.

Precise and Time Efficient

These small and powerful cameras are incredible at taking account of a property. The cameras vary in condition but they can scan up to 10,000 feet per second per project. Not only are they fast, but they are also spatially and dimensionally accurate so you can be assured of the similarities between the visual seen and the actual property.

Increase Buyers and Buyer Satisfaction

The use of Matterport allows for companies to extend their reach beyond a local demographic. Matterport gives a real estate professional the opportunity to look into a space for a wider group of people. Any use of additional technologies like virtual tours, virtual staging, etc, gives an extra guarantee of professionalism and appeal to a property. This will boost the online viewing of a space online and in person.

What is the Matterport Price?

The Matterport price plan ranges to a variety of needs and services that fit most people’s requirements and budgets. All of the services require a plan and a camera, but the most basic plan is free. This basic plan is the iPhone beta version of Matterport, the only tools necessary are the phone’s camera and the creation of an account with Matterport to have access to the digital cloud. As the quality and precision in the camera in plans increases, the more the price increases across the four basic pricing plans. This being the most fundamental plan, the cameras only progress in quality in precision as it goes further along. The most extensive plan is the Matterport Pro2 which is around $4000. 

These plans allow a consumer to test the waters of the technology. From the smallest to the largest of companies, the Matterport pricing plans give a working flexibility to the process.

What Do Matterport Photographers do?

Matterport photographers are trained to use cameras and technologies to give the best look to a space. The photographers set up the cameras in different locations around a property to provide a distinct variety and style to locations.

Matterport photographers also know the ins and outs of virtual reality and augmented reality tours. VR and AR are becoming useful tools in selling properties and these professional photographers know how to best navigate and use these technologies.

The trained Matterport photographer understands the consumer that they are appealing to and they understand how to find angles to best display a space. This understanding becomes important when working for various Matterport service providers as they provide services to everything from commercial spaces to real estate professionals. A Matterport photographer understands how to best utilize the camera and angles of the home to serve the client.

Matterport provides services in an easier way for a more precise and perfect vision. Not only does it create an accurate digital layout, but it can also give virtual staging and a virtual tour. Matterport service providers give a professional understanding of the technology which can be used to create a fully immersive and realistic experience.